Exchange of letters with an Israeli singer

Qalandiya "terminal"

Human cattle (Palestinian workers) crossing the Wall through the Qalandiya "terminal"


Asunto:   Performance in Cartaya on July 15: to welcome Esta in the free world?
Fecha:   Mon, 20 Jul 2009 20:53:37 +0200
De:   Manuel Muriel <xxx>
Para:   Marco Abbondanza <xxx>

——– Mensaje original ——–

C/O Marco Abbondanza
The Manager
Sete Sóis Sete Luas Festival

Dear Mr Abbondanza,

This is to express my disgust for the performance within the schedule of the current 12th Festival of a musical band from the apartheid State of Israel.

Having regard to the decision of the Council and the Commission of 19 April 2000 on the conclusion of a Euro-Mediterranean Agreement establishing an association between the EU (and their Member States) and the State of Israel (2000/384/EC), whereas relations between the EU and Israel, under Article 2 of the Association Agreement, are based on respect for human rights and democratic principles; whereas the Action Plan underlines that the EU and Israel share the common values of democracy, respect for human rights and the rule of law and basic freedoms.

Having regard to the rules of “international morality” as the late singer Bob Marley said I beg you to exclude from now on any band from Israel and particularly “Esta” on the basis of Israel not abiding by the International Declaration of Human Rights and International Law as it is notoriously the case.

Below you will find a copy of the email I sent to Esta’s regarding the issue and the reasons for my petition of boycott.

Yours sincerely,

Manuel Muriel

xxx (A) 

——– Mensaje original ——–

Asunto: Performance in Cartaya: to welcome Esta in the free world?
Fecha: Wed, 08 Jul 2009 17:10:35 +0200
De: Manuel Muriel <xxx>
Para: Y. Kahan <xxx>
CC: S. Deshet <xxx>

 Dear Mrs. Kahan,

I have known that you are performing in Cartaya (Huelva) next July 15th, within the framework of the the “7 Soles, 7 Lunas” festival which I use to attend. As a citizen from a free country I am very displeased to know that a band from the apartheid state of Israel is about to come.

It is a nonsense to welcome people from Israel in Andalusia, even if for musical reasons, when you – in one way or another – are supporting its segregationist policies (probably epitomized by its eponymous wall in the occupied West Bank) in absolute disregard of Human Rights and International Law.

Therefore, I hereby express my rebuff to your presence in our country at least you tell me you also reject the occupation of the Palestinian Territories and the continuous breach of the International Humanitarian Law by the Zionist state.

So, I would appreciate you to let me know your stance in order to know whether I am right or not.

Thanks and regards,

Manuel Muriel

 ——– Mensaje original ——–

Asunto: RE: Performance in Cartaya: to welcome Esta in the free world?
Fecha: Sun, 12 Jul 2009 00:09:34 +0000
De: A G <xxx>
Para: s d <xxx>, <xxx>
Referencias: <yyy>

Dear Manuel Muriel,

I read your letter attentively, & wanted to thank you for being honest & open & free to speak your heart out, & I’d like to try answer some of the questions & issues you brought up: First of all is that we ESTA are a band of 5 musicians who carry allways the message of peace through our music & songs or energies ,not politicians…we colaborated & shared the stage with various world renowned artist including Arab Moslem & Palestinian so many times in so many festivals & occasions.Please try to remember in every human society there are all sorts of people ,oppinions & attitude, We as musicians truly believe we are all one blood, & that there is only one race-it’s called the human race, & as such we should learn to live & let live..for otherwise life is not possible on this planet ,in harmony. However I must tell you that Israel is a free country & there are many oppinions & ideas , I could say most of Israeli citizens wish there was no wall, no need for a wal…unfortunately the wall is there for a reason (as much as I’m not happy with the situation..& wish peace now!) many Israelis right or left wing realized that ever since the debated wall, there were no successful suicide attacks on innocent people…of every origin sex or ethnic background, for bombs don’t make a differance as lomg as you are innocent you’re good enough for them…crazy no? I lost a friend to such a sick crazy suicide bomber..& why ..there is absolutly no excuse…just cowards who can’t talk, so yes I’m sorry about the wall, I don’t like the fact that innocent people have to pay the price..but it works the other way (our side) know..please try to understand there are also people on our side who strive for peace but are also frustrated & suffer. Best to you, & if you come to our concert I’ll be happy to talk & explain more, time allowing.

A G/Esta

 ——– Mensaje original ——–

Asunto: Re: Performance in Cartaya: to welcome Esta in the free world?
Fecha: Tue, 14 Jul 2009 09:42:50 +0200
De: Manuel Muriel <xxx>
Para: A G <xxx>
CC: s d <xxx>
Referencias: <yyy>

Dear Mr G,

Thank you for your response to my email. I do appreciate the opportunity to write to you.

First of all, if it could be true what you say about the decrease of suicidal attacks in Israel since the completion of the illegal wall it couldn’t be said it was its main purpose (or its only purpose) for otherwise the Israeli government shouldn’t have built it in the Palestinian Territories illegally occupied since 1967.

Secondly, you have not any legitimacy to curve terrorism regardless of the means as it would mean terrorism proper could be condoned. In no case State backed terrorism could be acceptable. Neither are they acceptable or legal – according to International Law – collective punishments, sadly a normal practice of Israel against the population in the Occupied Territories.

Thirdly, you are surely a free citizen as far as you are a Jew and you don’t represent a political challenge to the apartheid State of Israel. The Palestinians living in historic Palestine – The State of Israel today – are also citizens even if second class’ as it is known. I guess you don’t imply that Palestinians living under military occupation in Jerusalem, the West Bank, or Gaza, are anything like free people.

Next, it may be that Israel has the might to subjugate the native people in the Occupied Territories and to suppress any violent or even peaceful (as it happens now) resistance. However, to do so – making people’s life in the Occupied Territories an inferno as you are doing actually (particularly since 2000) – seems to be counteractive: the Israeli occupation has reduce the opportunity cost of many Palestinians to almost zero, so nothing to lose killing yourself. Nevertheless, there are people in the civilized world and (even if less) Jews in Israel that are not willing to allow or remain silent before more bloodletting. It was enough as the late PM Rabin said. Even more it is today.

Finally, I’m sorry, Mr G, but you don’t have legitimacy to tell me about the loss of a friend in a suicide attack if you haven’t gone to Gaza or the West Bank to witness the suffering of the people cowardly attacked with war planes and illegal weaponry (such as white phosphorous). Once you have done so you will be morally able to claim it.      


Manuel Muriel

 ——– Mensaje original ——–

Asunto: FW: Walls: Pointing Fingers at Israel’s Security Wall but not the World’s
Fecha: Thu, 23 Jul 2009 09:36:22 +0000
De: A G <xxx>
Para: <xxx>
Referencias: <yyy>

Dear Mr Muriel, I had no time to respond yet because we were extremely busy on a tour in your beautiful country & neighbouring Portugal. I must say I don’t agree with many of the one sided accusations you made, totally ignoring the Israeli side, some of the “facts” you mentioned are simply not true or accurate… However instead of debating with you I attach here something that might shed a new light on you Wall issue. Please remember that supporting one side without being able to be amphatic or somewhat understanding the other, is unbalanced & doesn’t help to bring peace closer..quite the contrary.. I am closer to the left wing here & do not support the settlers but I live here in Israel & know the truth & it’s complexity a lot better than you do. Thanks for showing “sympathy” to my lost friend…this is truely a shame…for killing an innocent girl INTENTIONALLY!! is simply murder & even though death is death..even in court there is a difference between killing by mistake, & doing it intentionally.
Good day to you

Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2009 16:38:36 +0200

From: xxx

To: xxx

Subject: Re: FW: Walls: Pointing Fingers at Israel’s Security Wall but not the World’s

Dear Mr G,

First of all, I don’t know why you sent me that rubbish file. I guess you think I am a stupid…

Secondly, I think I have not said any false or inaccurate thing, neither I have any interest to do it nor any rogue state to defend. Maybe it is inconvenient for you to hear what your dear apartheid state is doing against Palestine’s native population.
Thirdly, your tricky arguments about one “side/biased” stance, and the “complexity of truth” are worn out and don’t help to advance the cause of Greater Israel and Zionism any more. They are the same arguments a naive or unfaithful person could have argued in favour of Nazi Germany and its need, as in the case of Israel today, for Lebensraum (also in the East).

Next, at the occasion of the genocide your “brave” army was committing in the ghetto of Gaza this year, G. Kaufman, a British MP (incidentally a Jew) said that his grandparents were not killed by the Nazis for you (Israelis) to do the same in Palestine now. If a good willing man’s duty was to oppose Nazism in Germany or Fascism in Spain in the 1930s, it is now to oppose apartheid in Palestine and the continuous violations of Human Rights by the Israeli Occupation Army.

Third, I think it is sad to witness someone within the arts world siding by any political entity or state. It doesn’t normally happen as artist are normally known for being open-minded and not supporting any political power (even if a democratic state abiding by the rule of law).

Finally, the issue is not the sympathy I may or may not show towards that person (of which you don’t know anything) but the fact of not willing to play your game of using a dead child as a dialectical weapon. You may notice I have not sent you any picture of the 500 children your “brave” army has killed this year in Gaza.

Thank you.


 ——– Mensaje original ——–

Asunto: RE: Walls: Pointing Fingers at Israel’s Security Wall but not the World’s
Fecha: Thu, 30 Jul 2009 14:08:29 +0000
De: A G <xxx>
Para: <xxx>
Referencias: <xxx > <xxx> <xxx>

Dear Mr Manuel,
The more I hear you,the less I agree with you.. the more I understand what kind of a person you are…You are so wrong, so one sided, being fed by lies & bullshit propoganda of the worst kind, sounds like you are full of hate to Israel, or the jewish people..& I am sorry for you….I am glad there are less & less people like you in Europe… I am not even going to try to comment on your so called “facts..” for nothing I say will change your mind..or maybe even register properely.. you don’t know the facts you think you know…Israel is deffinately not an apartheid state, it is just trying to protect it’s citizens from fanatic terrorists such as Hamas who took control of the Gaza strip…which is not under ocupation for several years now..yet continued to shoot rockets & missiles to the towns of Israel (from populated areas, schools & even hospitals..) yes their tactics are cynical & dirty, leaving Israel no choise but to retaliate…..but on that you of course choose to ignore, as for your nazi bullshit accusations I can only reply: Not every Jew that says anything is necessarily right or smart… & I will tell you that as a member of the Spanish nation that conquered ,enslaved ,raped, killed & exploited half the world along with other white European nations ,you don’t have many rights to teach the rest of the world what’s right or wrong..especially if you don’t know the facts for real… many of the Mid East problems could have been solved a long time ago had it not been thanks to the European colonialists who caused them… & telling us what’s right or wrong as if you “know”  it ,is nothing short of paternalistic..& yet COLONIALIZM in modern shape. 
I wish your eason will come back to you someday…until then


——– Mensaje original ——–

Asunto: pointing fingers back at Spain..
Fecha: Fri, 31 Jul 2009 10:40:18 +0000
De: A G < >
Para: <xxx>
Referencias: <yyy> <yyy> <yyy>

The Basque?…Katalan?….Ceuta?….Mellia?….Spanish Morocco?… Inquisition..etc. etc. I can point back fingers know,
You seem to have many more reasons to be ashamed of yourself,don’t you? How does it feel?
It sure doesn’t lead us to any good place of hope for the future…just more hate & wars…no?


Acerca de Palestina Ocupada

Un andaluz en Palestina
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4 respuestas a Exchange of letters with an Israeli singer

  1. ale dijo:

    muy bueno el intercambio de cartas. El problema de los israelíes es que hasta los de “izquierdas” son fascistas: justificando muros y masacres, conviertiéndose en lo que ellos critican. No son capaces de ver más allá. Tachan de locos a los integristas que se inmolan, pero su ejército y las masacres que crean son calificadas de heroicidades… ni se plantean que con el fin de la ocupación real (no como la que dicen que hay en Gaza, no ocupada físicamente, pero asediada por tierra, mar y aire) terminaría el envío de cohetes al israel (gran mayoría de ellos inocuos)… otra cosa es que realemente no les interese que cesen, ya que pueden soportar la muerte de 16 personas en 9 años (siempre que puedan “responder” matando a miles)

    Por otro lado, es bien cierto que con el muro que encarcela a toda Cisjordania, se termina con la posibilidad de los atentados en israel… si tiran la bomba atómica contra Cisjordania, también terminarían con los atentados… (puestos a justificar el encarcelamiento de todo “bicho” viviente… vamos a aplastarlos a todos y fin del “problema”) Si los palestinos merecen ser encarcelados (aunque con permisos esporádicos del 3er grado) porque algunos se hayan inmolado y matado a israelíes inocentes… ¿que tipo de muro merece israel por los miles de palestinos que matan/vejan/secuestran/torturan?

  2. Yamila dijo:

    Gracias por compartir este intercambio de cartas y opiniones. Como siempre la mayoría de los israelies no son capaces de comprender que ellos son partes del problema y tampoco se dan cuenta de que su forma de pensar es racista, ya que valoran mil veces más sus vidas que las de los palestinos…y sus ideas están llenas de cinismo y doble moral, ya que acusan a los palestinos de terrorismo obviando el terrorismo de estado que realiza día tras día su país…La pena es que no me sorprende tanta ironía e hipocresía por parte de este cantante. De nuevo, gracias por mostrarlo a través de estas cartas.

  3. Manuel Alcántara dijo:

    Muy bueno, Manuel, como siempre, estás en primera línea, batallando con los fachas sionistas. Hay que ver el retorcimiento del personaje, con las buenas palabras que empieza y como se va quitando la careta y se le va viendo el plumero de “demócrata y civilizado” ante ” los terroristas que matan inocentes”. Y dice que como tú queda poca gente en Europa, será ignorante !!!

  4. Pingback: Los números de 2010 | Palestina Ocupada


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