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Sara Benninga and the spirit of humanity

The demonstrations of The Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity Movement, started in late 2009, are joined by a handful of international activists from so-called Western countries (those of the OECD) that, despite the tough screenings are able to sneak through the airport of Tel Aviv, former Lydda, on whose debris was built the State of God. Seguir leyendo

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Eretz Israel (Greater Israel) Hostels Guide 2009

“The Golan Heights is one of the best travel destinations in Israel, which attracts many travelers. Therefore it should be included in our tourists map. as the west bank territories are included”. Seguir leyendo

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Exchange of letters with an Israeli singer

As a citizen from a free country I am very displeased to know that a band from the apartheid state of Israel is about to come.
It is a nonsense to welcome people from Israel in Andalusia, even if for musical reasons, when you – in one way or another – are supporting its segregationist policies (probably epitomized by its eponymous wall in the occupied West Bank) in absolute disregard of Human Rights and International Law. Seguir leyendo

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The economy of survival in occupied Palestine

In the ruins of Lifta, on the outskirts of Jerusalem, a town terrorized by the early armed Zionist militias at the time of the Partition (1947), the metallic beams are witness to an advanced building technology unknown to many parts of western Europe at that time. Seguir leyendo

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